lunes, 18 de noviembre de 2013


v 4.1 - 4.2

- (FIX) Problems with links.


- Fix minor bugs

v 4.0

Material Design Style

(DELETE) Window

(MOVE) 'Fix problems' -> help menu.

(NEW) New icons
(NEW) New settings
(NEW) AutoReply (Dialog)
(NEW) Multi Contacts
(NEW) Support Maps
(NEW) Message joke. (Insert message as if the contact would have sent)
(NEW) Security Section.

I hope you enjoy the improvements :)

(Cooming sonn) Voice commands.

New video

v 3.11
Bugs fixed

(New) Message Notifications category.
(New) Set ringtones and vibration.
(New) Reply messages on the lock screen.

(New) Answer a message by person.
(New) Cancel button.

(New) (Settings) Hide Icons
(New) (Settings) Destoy Heads when you open WhatsApp

v 3.10.2

[DELETE] Chat lines

[FIX] Problems with audio files.

[FIx] Design problems

[NEW] Long-click to open multimedia files.
[NEW] Load earlier messages

v 3.10.1
[NEW] - Option to enable / disable Auto Reply in the groups.

[NEW] - Auto Reply (Configuration)

v 3.10

- Bug fixes
- ChangeLog
- [NEW] Auto Reply (Shortcut / Widget / Tasker Plug-in).   

 - [CHANGE] Move category of 'messages' at General section.
 - [DELETE] Option 'Color' of Floating Heads
 - [NEW] Chat. (Background, Transparent, chat lines).
 - [NEW] Auto Reply

  - Improved design.
  - [NEW] Swipe between the heads
  - [NEW] Button to close the head.
  - [CHANGE] Remove the border color and is replaced by numbers.
  - [CHANGE] Option 'close' in menu for 'close all'.
  - [DELETE] Option 'clean' in menu 

v 3.9.2
- Bug fixes (floating heads)
- New setting to change the size of the head

v 3.9.1
-  Bug fixes

v 3.9
-  Infinite swipe emojis
- New Settings
- Video Tutorial
- [FREE] Widget only one
- [PRO] "Chat Window" support tabs

v. 3.8.1
- Bug fixes

v 3.8

- Bug fixes
- Streaming media
- Support video
- Bigger Emojis.
- Add favorites emojis.
[PRO] - Tasker variables support
[PRO] - Widget (Preferences) Transparent / Color Text

v 3.7

-  Bug fixes (Drag & Drop)
- Minor improvements
[FREE] - Drag & Drop
[FREE] - Automatic update
[FREE] - Floating Head with photo
[FREE] - Messages (Shortcut) - Only from the application
[PRO] - New Widget with list of all contacts
[PRO] - Groups, you can create a group and send personalized messages

v 3.6.1

- Chat Heads multimedia support.
- Swipe emojis
- Fix problems "Drag & Drop"
- Fixed minor issues

v 3.6.0

*Some names changed and affected the preferences of the program

- Bug fixes
- New icons
- Improved design
- Update the tutorial
- [PRO] Close heads when you open WhatsApp
- [PRO] Shows the conversation in floating heads
- [PRO] Settings - You can choose the action in messages (shortcut)

v 3.5.0
- Bug fixes
- Tasker  Plug-in

v 3.4.1

- Bug fixes
- Color white text box (Settings)
[PRO] Send messages on lock screen

v 3.4.0

- Bug fixes
- Increases 45 lines of conversation
- Send the message "Enter" key
[PRO] Border on heads
(Switch to green when you have more than one unread notifications)
[PRO] Menu settings
[PRO] Automatically update the chat
[PRO] (Shortcut - Quick Messages) Can leave the message blank

v. 3.3.1

Change in start menu
[PRO] Widget / Shortcut Fix problems
[PRO] Message (Shortcut)

"" - Install shortcut on your home screen

v 3.3.0

* Bug fixes.
* Copy and Paste
* Posts from application
[PRO] Widgets
[PRO] Shortcuts
[PRO] Drag and Drop
[PRO] Open chats
[PRO] Send pictures
[PRO] Send photos
[PRO] Improved design
[PRO] Change icon

"android.permission.CAMERA" - Take pictures and send
"android.permission.READ_CONTACTS" - Find and open conversations WhatsApp

v 3.2.0
- Bug fixes.
- Menu to set the size of the chat.
- Redesigned Notification

[PRO] - Changes the click and long-click the floating heads.
[PRO] - Quick Menu in each floating head.

v 3.1.3
- Bug fixes

v 3.1.2
- Bug fixes
- Improved application speed

- Bug fixes

- Bug fixes
- Color is added to the names of a group
- Improvements in group discussions
- Add function to clean from the menu.
- Changes the function of trash in the chat window.

V 3.0
- Floating head are incorporated
- shows who sent the message to a group.
- double check

v - 2.3.1
- Bug fixes

v - 2.3
- Multimedia*
(Video under construction)

- Clean notifications WhatsApp
  1) When you respond, automatically cleans notification of WhatsApp
  2) When you select the trash icon deletes all notifications

- Date Format

- Bug fixes

- Now 15 lines in chat

V - 2.2.1 - 2.2.3
New Design

V - 2.1
Bug fixes
Removes the date, if you know the date just click on conversation

V - 2.0
You can receive notifications in your windows whatsapp floating, you just have to activate Accessibility:
Settings -> Accessibility -> Floating Whatsapp

V - 1.2
Bug fixes
* Do not open the program with whatsapp